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Super rare New Daydreaming Choose me First Press Limited Edition BAND MAID

The first limited edition was held on January 9, 2017 as BAND-MAID’s first video work. A lot of LIVE images at Akasaka Blitz are recorded, all 7 songs are recorded. The first recording of a video work that was often requested by fans. [Recorded music] CDMS + DVD. [DVD] First limited edition only. The first […]

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SUPER DRAGON’ NFT FIRST EDITION #1 of 1 Generative Abstract Art NFT Art

Limited Edition #1 of 1 Generative Art NFT. Generative design / artwork that was created from multiple AI generated images of tropical oceans, flames, fire rain and more. The final piece was assembled then optimized to generate what looks like an iceberg on fire in the middle of a tropical ocean. Only 1 will be […]

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