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YOASOBI THE BOOK First Limited Edition CD binder Novel into Music Sony Nightlife

YOASOBI’s first package release! Luxury EP limited to full production. YOASOBI’s first package EP “THE BOOK”. Which consists of composer Ayase and vocal ikura. The first song “Running at Night”. Released in November 2019 is Billboard Japan Hot 100. And Oricon won the 1st place in the weekly total single ranking. And the number of […]

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New YOASOBI THE BOOK First Limited Edition CD Binder Japan XSCL-50 4580128895130

Condition : Brand New / Factory Sealed. 6.2021 Language : Japanese. Courier : Japan Post EMS. Our Products are 100% Authentic. I promise to pack up the product very carefully. Although slight costs start for that purpose, I do some shopping to you in comfort, and want you to enjoy the product. If you have […]

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